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Press Kit

This .zip file contains images for press, media, and publishers. They’re free to use when referencing the Thinking Bit software and company. If you’re looking for a particular screenshot to use as well, just ask — we might have something for you.

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The Logo


The Thinking Bit logo is a registered trademark. Please adopt these guidelines when using the logo on websites, blogs, videos, screencasts, and advertising.

Requirements for using the Thinking Bit logo

The Thinking Bit logo shown in these guidelines is for promotional use only. The Thinking Bit reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the logo anytime it is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by us.

Thinking Bit Logo

The Thinking Bit logo has a shape, letterforms, and typography. Only the logo shown here is approved by the Thinking Bit. Do not replace, alter, or move the Thinking Bit logo shapes or typography.

Minimum Size

Minimum size for Thinking Bit logo The minimum size of the logo is 46px high. Use the logo at a larger size whenever possible.

Minimum Clear Space

Minimum clear space around logo should be 5 pixels. The minimum clear space is 5px. Please don’t place photos, typography, or other graphic elements inside the minimum clear space.

Artwork and background colors

The Thinking Bit logo is provided as a .sketch file and Portable Document Format (.pdf) in Ghost White (#FBFBFF) and Cerulean Blue (#2B59C3). Do not place the logo on a visually cluttered, patterned background, or a background that is similar in color to the logo you are using.

Logos with alternate backgrounds and fill colors.


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